G.Skill Cherry MX Speed

It seems that the exclusivity that Corsair had with Cherry with respect to the MX Speed ​​switches has already been completed, as G.Skill has announced that from now on they will offer their line of keyboards KM570 with the possibility of incorporating these switches specially designed for Gaming .

There are many types of Cherry MX switch (you can see our guide, although we should update it with the new ones), but among them, the Cherry MX Speed ​​are undoubtedly the most focused to Gaming due to its low performance point We could see when we looked at the Corsair K70 RapidFire RGB). So far Corsair had an exclusive contract with Cherry regarding these mechanisms (as with the MX Silent), but it seems that the contract has ended (or not, as G.Skill announces them as MX Silent Silver).

In any case, from now on G.Skill will offer its KM570 mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Blue, Red, Brown and now Speed ​​switches, with its activation point of 1.2 mm compared to 2 mm of the other switches. In addition several times we have told you that the MX Speed ​​only need 45 grams of pressure against the 50-60 of the others, reason why all the pulsations are faster.

MX Speed

Similarly, the KM570 with MX Speed ​​Silver have a lifetime of 50 million pulsations per key as all other mechanisms, with linear response and contoured hoods for user comfort. In addition, as always, the keyboard has full anti-ghosting capability (full N-Key rollover) and all other functions of the G.Skill KM570.

G Skill 2

The manufacturer has announced that these new KM570 with MX Speed ​​Silver will be priced at $ 109.99 and should be available early next month

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