Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

Already during the past month, Samsung and Barnes & Noble have announced the creation of a Nook tablet, which would be released during the month of August. The tablet in question is 4 Galaxy Tab Nook.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Nook August 01 4 4 600×588 Galaxy Tab Nook: presentation August 20 samsung Galaxy Tab tablet tablet 4 Nook

The companies have not yet started anything, unfortunately, but they are to be sent to the printing of invitations for an event that you should keep on August 20, then in 12 days, in New York, at the Barnes & Noble store in Union Square.

According to CNET, Samsung is about to introduce the first Galaxy Tab Nook 4 (photo that opens this article) during the event. It is not yet clear whether this device will be available from the outset or subsequently, much less know if it will be entered in the international markets, or only in the American one.
Samsung Galaxy Tab ready to present the 4 Nook

The device in this, the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, should have a 7-inch diagonal and so it should be a product that is positioned at the lower end of the market. Consequently, the prices should be related to the reach of anyone.

Nook Galaxy Tab 4 will feature a specially customized software, which will be provided access to content Barnes & Noble, including books, newspapers and magazines. What remains unclear is whether August 20 will be presented something else, or just the tablet in question.

He expects a very challenging period for Samsung, since August 13 is expected to present the Alpha Galaxy and the Galaxy Note 3 September 4.

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