Getac Laptop semi-rugged S400-G3

Getac Laptop semi-rugged S400-G3

Getac is a company that now we have come to know for ruggedized devices used for the professional segment, characterized not only by a good build quality but also the hardware is constantly being updated with next-generation solutions.

We caution the Italian market availability of the new semi-rugged laptop S400-G3 version is actually up to date and has already been widely used in areas such as multi-utilities, civil defense, automotive, security as well as the military.

No coincidence that the laptop is equipped with the MIL-STD-810G and IP5X, resulting in maximum protection against dust, vibration, drops, ensuring perfect operation even in extreme temperatures.

Turning to hardware, Getac has opted for Intel Core i3-4110M or Core i5-4210M, coupled with 16GB of RAM, 14-inch panel, WiFi support AC and a 8700 mAh battery well. There is no lack options for SSDs and other features, all with a customization based on the needs of the user.

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