Gigabyte Jolt Duo 360

When we thought that video technology had bottomed out with Avatar 3D or 8K image, the video comes in 360 degrees. Now that you begin to take off the use of glasses and RV systems, it’s time to create content. The Gigabyte Jolt Duo 360 camera will record all our sports sessions or our Vlog, with the immersion of the spherical video so you do not miss what happens “behind the camera”. Gigabyte Jolt Duo 360 is an economical option for those who wish to experiment with the sensations of this technology. It does not live up to others like the Sony A6500, but for those who look for something of these characteristics, has convinced us.

Gigabyte Jolt Duo 360, your videos in 360 degrees

The Gigabyte device is a 360 degree action camera with a compact design similar to the GoPro, as we saw with the Amkov 360. It is prepared for all types of recordings, with the use of helmet or handlebars, as under the Water with an IPX8 enclosure. But it also allows you to capture everything around you with immersive photographs, to visualize them with your smartphone using the gyroscope or a VR glasses.
Gigabyte Jolt Duo 360
Record or take pictures in 360 degrees
This action camera has two 4MP sensors, each lens with an aperture f / 2.0 and wide angle of 220 degrees. The Gigabyte Jolt Duo 360 has a 4.5 MP resolution for photos and videos from 1,920 x 960p at 30 fps. Making use of JOLT App in mobile and JOLT Player in PC, allows us to visualize and transform our captures, with the possibility of sharing directly on YouTube 360 ​​or Facebook.

Gigabyte Jolt Duo 360
Two lenses and a top LCD information display
It is a simple camera to handle, since both exposure and white balance is automatic. We can configure the Gigabyte Jolt Duo 360 through the use of our smartphone thanks to WiFi connectivity and the dedicated app. The autonomy of 1,500 mAh is usually the usual in these devices, about 90 minutes (although with the WiFi enabled is reduced to about 60 minutes). As an example, we leave you with a couple of videos to check the result obtained in recordings.

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