Glassify Smart Glass

The company Glassify comes with Smart Glass, a glass of beer for pubs with a chip incorporated into the bottom of the glass. Through the bottom of the glass over a smartphone to swipe the chip is linked with an app with NFC and QR code. The app collects information about the name, age, drinking habits and history of the customer and then passes this on to beverage manufacturers. These can then offer “personalized promotions’ in the app or perhaps a free beer.
It’s possible your SmartGlass advance charge with money, so you make sure you do not spend too much in the pub. It is therefore possible to give a round to your friends, but it can of course give you. According to its creators the SmartGlass creates a sales increase of 13 percent in the pubs.

The Glassify SmartGlass comes from the first quarter 2017 in Europe.

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