Google acquires Emu

Google acquires Emu

The expansion of Google and the shopping list grows with the addition of Emu, one of the best instant messaging systems. The latter, one of the richest platforms in the market, it will also temporarily removed from the App Store of Apple waiting for future developments that could lead to many new or integration into Bigg services.

The removal from the store in Cupertino will be made on August 25 and subsequently Emu will be fully integrated into the systems of Google. Still do not know to what extent this purchase will affect messaging services today known and used, but no doubt the support gestures, the ability to plan an event in our calendar with other users or more, make unique system of Emu.

Definitely will be extended services Hangout difficult because Google will attempt to conquer the market with its own product to rival WhatsApp, now difficult to unseat in this market.

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