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Over the past few days, we have seen how Gmail on Android has changed the face, providing the ability to manage mailboxes also in other domains in addition to Google. But it seems that this is not the only change that could affect the world of e-mail in the house Google, as a new service seems to make its way in the near future: get Google Bigtop.

Through the web interface screens of the new Google Bigtop, which will be available for Web, Android and iOS, we are aware of this project, currently still in testing phase which could represent an evolution of Gmail, its competitor or his deputy. It is not clear what the real purpose of Bigtop, all that is known concerning its functionality, strongly marked towards an advanced management of the user’s mailbox, with the ability to split incoming emails into different categories.

We may, for example, decide to archive a group of emails that deal with the same subject in a specific folder, as it will be possible to postpone a message until it will be useful, or, to highlight what are the conversations important in the our box.

There are several interesting elements within the screen that explains the service: First, we can not fail to note that the integration with Hangouts and resume as faithfully to the new guidelines Google in design. It is also impossible not to notice the total absence of references to the universe Google: no name, no initials. Google Bigtop may therefore be a new service designed to Big G that interfaces as a “collector” of all of our various accounts and allows us to manage them simultaneously taking advantage of the new possibilities offered by the service.

It could, on the other hand, be a platform for testing that will be integrated into Gmail in the future, or it could be a new Google’s email service without being a “Google product”: the possibilities are all open. Among other features, it should be noted also the opportunity to preview the email and its attachments, all without having to open it.

Below we offer some mockups made ​​by the guys at Android Police, which had a screen of realistic and possible implementation of the service on the Android platform. It should be noted that the base material used for the realization of these images is older than the one shown above, and then many things could be changed in the while.

As you can see, based on the information available, Google Bigtop could take many of the classic elements of Google Now and Gmail, allowing the creation of real interactive card based on the contents of the email, as shown in the one that reminds us of the date and destination of the next flight.

There’s also a new system can offer a much more clear and simple functionality of the service and its minor aspects, as you can probably see the interface dedicated to writing a new message, very simple, minimal and functional.

If and when we see Google Bigtop remains a mystery for now know that the platform is being tested active by Google, a sign that the project is unlikely to be abandoned. We are looking forward to find out what will be its future.

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