GoPro Hero 4

GoPro Hero 4

Various promotional material for GoPro Hero 4 (Codename: Banzai) has swept into the net, which reveals new key data of the next Actioncam. It must be stressed from the leaks the info to Framerate: At last 4K resolution is softer in 30 frames per second (at the Black Hero 3 + there were only 15 FPS) be in there.
GoPro Hero 4 rumor mill: 4K video at 30 FPS and touch LCD monitor

A thread on Reddit summarizes all the pictures and info, even a manual is already landed on the net. The authenticity of the leaks could not be verified, as far as the features are but plausible. Much in demand was also previously an integrated monitor, so can the recordings without additional hardware check directly with the rotation. Otherwise, the next Motocross crash might have been in vain, because the helmet concealed the image.

The screen is contemporary course by touch operated and runs pretty consistent frame size from quite tiny. However, to check the framing he should satisfy all. The battery life is advertised despite the apparently integrated LCD screens as longer.

The GoPro HD Hero4 Black has 12 Megapixel sensor resolution and takes 4K video up to 40 meters deep under water. WLAN and Bluetooth are, according to a detailed firmware Leak on Github also on board. In the heart of the action werkelt the already long suspected Ambarella A9 system-on-chip, which is designed for 4K encoding and image processing. The camera will appear in Silver and Black, with Silver will be an edition with the specifications of the previous generation and features / the current generation housing.

Several new features will sweeten the camera and hopefully provide a better use experience as the last generations who had to contend with problems GoPro fans. New are sometimes things like night-Lapse, IDR streaming, a night mode for photos, photo settings via Touch-LCD, quick shots and Multi-Shot – a burst recording multiple images in series.

GPS and ambient temperature and humidity are obviously recorded with each shot, which is unclear if these features are integrated or supported only by “Bacpac” extension. According to the print advertising the new GoPro appear on 15 October 2014 in the States.

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