GTX 1050 Ti Mini ASUS

The GeForce GTX 1050 Ti is coming is obviously no longer a secret. Earlier surfaced already afbeedlingen versions of ASUS and Gigabyte on. Now there is also a 1050 GTX Ti Mini ASUS put in the picture, which seems coming close.

The cropped photo shows three (zipped) graphics cards. It involves specimens from ASUS, EVGA and Zotac. Only to see the ASUS card is physically, including the packaging of the other two are exhibited. This makes it even clearer that it is the 1050 GTX Ti and it has already shown backstage.
1050 Ti ASUS is a mini-version and is less equipped with one fan, but two expansion slots. The version of EVGA’s Superclocked a 4GB version. This indicates that there are probably plenty of choice will be among the newest Nvidia’s. Moreover the Zotac website confirms the existence of both the 1050 GTX Ti as a regular 1050 GTX.

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