HandScape young company introduced a new way to interact with your tablet. If a traditional touch screen mobile device, the experts decided to give HandScape sensory abilities cover.

Recognizing touch and analyzing user actions, development HandScape showing thumbs user on the screen as if they were visible through the plate.
Touch Case HandScape – a new way to interact with your tablet

According to the developers, this version of the interaction between man and the mobile device is very easy to use and intuitive. In addition, the cover helps protect the tablet. It supports the manipulation of one or both hands.

Everything would be great if such entry was transparent to applications on the OS level. Unfortunately, use of the cover needs to be improved by adding a program calls API HandScape. While there are only a few demonstration applications. Interested in whether third-party developers release versions of their products with support HandScape – unknown.

Case is powered by its own battery and connects to the tablet by Bluetooth 4.0

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