The Hitchbot is a robot that is in Canada to cover approximately 6,400 miles: It goes from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Victoria in British Columbia. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the quaint-looking robot travels through the country. To post thanks to its combination of artificial intelligence, speech recognition and the ability to update social networks, keeps Hitchbot interested about the experiences on his journey to date. Meanwhile, the robot has traveled without prejudice to half the distance. Basically Hitchbot is a research project scientist David Harris Smith and Frauke Zeller.

See the two researchers Hitchbot as a social experiment. It provides for a change, not the question of whether people can trust robots, but asks: Can people trust robots? Because it is unclear whether Hitchbot possibly taken apart by vandals or is abducted off the highway never to return. So far Hitchbot how his updates on Instagram, Twitter and his website show, but doing well.

Those who have Hitchbot can ride, have donated him even a rain cape and recharges the cigarette lighter. Hitchbot based on a tablet PC, and specific components of the open-source Arduino platform. The value of the robot is as high as about $ 1,000. Thanks to its language software Hitchbot can run Smalltalk and answer simple questions. Via GPS records the machine on his journey. The integrated camera snaps a photo about every 30 minutes.

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