HoloLens – is a device that contains a new way to interact with the outside world. Augmented Reality Glasses allow for a lot. For example, the user can play Minecraft directly on the table or in real-time to receive instructions on the topic of how to eliminate breakage. Unfortunately, no video, photo or audio materials from the laboratory, which tested HoloLens, no. Microsoft is strictly following the leakage of information, but the further we have collected all that is known about devayse today.

In HoloLens very much in common with Oculus Rift. Both devices are immersed in the reality of the user, which is accessible only to him. Dipping mechanism and ways to interact with this reality very different, but both devices make a lasting impression. The biggest difference is that Oculus creates a virtual reality, and complements existing HoloLens.


At the moment, the most impressive is the Minecraft for HoloLens. Thanks to augmented reality glasses location of the game appear in the real world, the user can also interact with them without any delay in time. Unfortunately, the interaction is still very limited. Moving his head, the user controls a small glowing circle with which to interact with augmented reality. Touching the circle in space corresponds to mouse click. As for the features that are currently available in the demo version for Minecraft HoloLens, it is digging holes and destroy zombies. Of course, this is not the full game, but the interaction with augmented reality in Minecraft already looks very cool. It is terrible to imagine how addictive version of the game will be ready for HoloLens.


Another area of application HoloLens – is Skype. And it’s not only the usual calls and screen that fits very well into the space. The main feature of the new technology that involves the use of Skype, is the new application support services. If in the house there was some problem, it is not necessary to call a specialist, since HoloLens problem can be solved independently. Should call the appropriate service and contact with the master. Then everything works as follows: an expert user hears, but sees only what is in front of HoloLens. Because of this it can identify the problem and tell you about its decision. In the course starts and augmented reality: not just an expert explains how to work, it also shows it on the object with which any difficulties.


In addition, HoloLens perfect for three-dimensional modeling. Unfortunately, the full interaction with objects augmented reality is not yet possible, but existing technology can already be called a breakthrough. As for management, it is moving the head, AirTap (touch a virtual object), voice control, use the mouse and other conventional input devices.

Separately, it is worth noting that Microsoft is also working with NASA. As a result, scientists will soon be able to walk on Mars without leaving their laboratories. The thing is that HoloLens helps to create the planet’s surface on the basis of data from Curiosity. As is the case with the simulation to study the planet, you can use the mouse, which greatly expands the possibilities HoloLens.

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