HP Pavilion 10 X2

HP Pavilion 10 X2

With the HP Pavilion 10 X2 at the time of a discount IFA Windows 2014 was presented 8.1 Tablet, which comes with a keyboard dock. Priced at € 319 (Link to Offer) it can now be pre-ordered directly from the manufacturer and will be available shortly. The HP Pavilion 10 X2 it has some special properties that justify the purchase of the 10.1-inch Windows 8.1 Tablets thoroughly. This includes a digitizer, which the tablet can be used with a matching pin active. Furthermore, the runtime should be very high.
HP Pavilion 10 X2 with keyboard

The HP Pavilion 10 X2 corresponds technically basically the usual cheap Windows 8.1 tablets that were introduced more recently and brought to market. Nevertheless, it has some special features which justifies the slightly higher price to the cheap models – although the price at 319 € is already tempting low. The 10.1-inch display with a display resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and a pretty good representation. In contrast to the presentation at the IFA 2014, HP encourages the final version to a more powerful and all-new Intel Bay Trail Z3736F quad-core processor, although it still has a base clock of 1.33 GHz per core, but with a turbo on 2.16 GHz per core is – instead of 1.83 GHz, as before. This should allow a significantly better performance under load. There are but then again the usual 2 GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory that can be extended via microSD card.

The special feature of the display of the HP Pavilion 10 X2 is an integrated digitizer. The ideal active stylus is not included but can be purchased optionally. Unfortunately, we do not know what technology is behind it, because the feature is not active HP advertises. It should be the same digitizer as in the larger models. This tablet is suddenly more interesting. In addition, the tablet has front speakers, has a full USB port and an HDMI port. So basically everything you need. The 35-Wh battery will also allow a high runtime. In addition, HP provides with a keyboard that also has a cover but is normal keys. So can place the tablet in two different angles and positions. As an operating system, there are Windows 8.1 with Bing and Office 365 for one year. The tablet is unfortunately charged by micro-USB, which takes a long time. With 590 grams, it also falls out not too heavy, along with the keyboard, there are then 920 grams. Overall, the HP Pavilion seems to be 10 X2 for the price of 319 € quite well equipped

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