HP Stream 14

HP Stream 14

Recently, HP sells the entry-level Windows-Notebook HP Stream 14, which could provide in advance a stir due to its low price on Chromebook level, also in Germany. Now, the U.S. manufacturer has announced a total of five other Windows devices of Music series for the German market, aimed primarily at ultra-conscious consumers and will be available in late November or early December 2014.

The ranks of the HP-Newcomers consists of two sister models to the stream 14, most of them with something smaller displays, the Convertible HP Stream x360 and the two tablets Stream 7 and Stream 8 All units are very portable and can with a slim housing in different colors points. The low prices, however, only a relatively simple hardware equipment can be expected and HP is similar to the Chromebooks on a strong integration with cloud-based services. All technical details about the notebooks and tablets but has not yet called HP.

As the stream 14, the two new notebook models stream 11 and stream 13 not require a fan. They are powered by an Intel Celeron processor and 32 gigabytes of flash memory integrated. The HP stream x360 offers a 11.6-inch touchscreen, which thanks to special hinge can be rotated 360 degrees. Thus, users can use the device at as oversized tablet. The two true-compact Windows-8.1-7 Tablets HP Stream and Stream 8 are equipped with an Intel Atom SoC.

HP provides 1 year warranty on all products from the Stream series. In addition, the manufacturer of the equipment donated buyers a year of free Office 365 staff with 60 monthly minutes with Skype and 1 terabyte of cloud storage at OneDrive.

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