HP Z2 Mini Intel Xeon NVIDIA Quadro NUC

HP has unveiled its first workstation in form factor less than mini ITX, the HP Z2 Mini, which aims to give professional users (especially those who use CAD) all the power they need with a low consumption, almost noise Null, and in a format that does not occupy space on the work table.

First of all it has to be said that at the moment HP has revealed smoke and nothing else. They have spoken at a conference at Autodesk University about their new HP Z2 Mini workstation but have said absolutely nothing about their features, or in other words, we do not know what exactly hardware has inside.
Yes they have dropped that the team will have the latest generation of Intel Xeon processors and NVIDIA professional graphics capable of connecting up to six screens simultaneously, but nothing concrete (we assume that the latter will be thanks to Thunderbolt and adapters). They also do not mention how they intend to cool such hardware components in such a small computer (HP is 90% smaller than its current CAD-oriented workstations, and 63% quieter than these).

Z2 Mini

Although the announcement of HP has annoyed the enthusiasts by the fact that they have not specified practically anything, it will be a launch to take into account then if the company has really managed to embed a Xeon processor and a professional NVIDIA graphics in the Size of a NUC format equipment will certainly be a marvel of engineering. In principle we will not have to wait a long time since they have said that it will go on sale in the month of December at a price starting at 699 dollars.

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