HP Zvr

HP Zvr

HP is during the CES 2015 introduced several new models of monitors, the most interesting of which is the model of HP Zvr.

The manufacturer calls the HP Zvr display virtual reality. Device screen size of 23.6 inches stereographic displays images, allowing them to manipulate the most intuitive way. According to the manufacturer, due to these features HP Zvr ¬ęchange the way people think, work and create.”

The appearance of HP Zvr sale is expected in spring

For immersion in virtual reality technology is used to monitor zSpace, can blur the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds. The user has the ability to not only see the virtual objects but also to interact with them. This takes into account the effect of parallax, which gives images greater realism. To view three-dimensional image need the included glasses, and track user traffic monitor built into the camera.

Monitor allows multiple users to work together. Sold separately solution called HP zView allows real-time display three-dimensional models on a large flat screen TV. To the signal source is connected HP Zvr interface Dual-link DVI or DisplayPort.

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