iHealth CardioLab

iHealth CardioLab

iHealth, brand known for its specialization in connected healthcare, has launched a new device. It is iHealth CardioLab, which is characterized as the first set of cardiovascular diagnosis connected, which is able to detect arterial disease, since it is able to take blood pressure and calculating cardiovascular parameters in a convenient and simple way for and shortly user: less than two minutes.


The device consists of two metering modules, so that the person has to place one on his arm and one in the ankle simultaneously so that measurements are made and the system can calculate parameters such as index systolic pressure, the pressure arterial media, differential pulse pressure, blood flow and the systolic ejection volume.

Some measurements and calculations with which this system can detect an abnormality before it becomes dangerous for the patient, aside from being able to calculate the risks of heart attack, stroke or stroke, among other diseases.

iHealth CardioLab, the first device to detect cardiovascular problems
It also has the advantage that measurements are performed quickly, taking less than two minutes, during which also already made calculations. You can also use a free application that is intended for health professionals. It is iHealth Pro, which has been developed for body signals measured by the device relate to other risk factors for a better view of the health of the person. However, for now, it is only available for iPad.

Price and Availability

iHealth CardioLab and can be purchased at official outlets and authorized brand at a price of 599.95 euros. The application is also ready for use. The download is done from the App Store and is free.

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