IHS iSuppli

IHS iSuppli

IHS iSupply made an estimate of how much it could cost Apple to build a case with Apple Watch Sport 38mm. The estimate takes into account only the components used and an indicative cost of labor. There remain, therefore, excluded all other costs sustenance from Apple to get a finished product (research and development, advertising, software, distribution, etc.).

The display is the most expensive with its 20:50 dollars which include glass Ion-X.Il processor, the Apple S1 has a cost of about 20.10 dollars. For the memory to 8GB it takes 7.20 dollars and about 8:50 dollars for various sensors. The battery costs 0.80 dollars.

The sales package and all of its contents would cost just under processor: $ 9. IHS has estimated at $ 2.50 the cost of labor for the assembly of the device leading to 83.70 dollars the total, 24% of the sale price to the public of $ 349.

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