Instax Share SP-2

Instax Share SP-2, FujiFilm’s refurbished photo printer, now prints with higher image quality and in less time. Reveal your mobile photos in an easy and easy way as Polaroid movies; That the loss of data does not erase your memories. Print them simply after editing on your smartphone.

Instax Share SP-2; Snapshots are still fashionable.

Digital photography overtook the traditional analogue in a way that could not be contemplated. Our mobiles are our new reflex; Behind have been left, neglected, negative film development along with VHS tapes or cassettes, so popular in the 1990s. But there is something that digital technology can not replace: some magic that impregnates devices, such as Walkman or vinyl, and turns them into classics that never go out of style.

A smartphone is now enough.
FijiFilm knows this and Instax Share SP-2 is proof of this. Having hundreds of pictures on the phone is great, but snapshots have that that smartphones will never have (at least for the latest analog generation).
Walking around taking snapshots with an analog camera may seem strange nowadays; Instax Share 2 comes with a solution to this: with your smartphone you take the picture and with Instax Share SP-2 you edit it with a mobile application and print it in seconds. And, voila, your digital files will become photos in paper format.


Instax Share SP-2 is nothing more than a small 89.5 × 131.8 × 40mm photo printer with the necessary to transfer images with a quality of 320 dpi with a size of 800 × 600 points to an instant film that is Reveals in just ten seconds.

Everything is done through the Instax Share app, where, in addition, we can edit the images, create collages, add filters …

Price and availability.

Instax Share SP-2 is perhaps too high a price without becoming excessive and that photography lovers will not appreciate as abusive. If you want yours, it is available in the photography section of most of the large surfaces

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