Intel Curie

Intel Curie

Chipmaker Intel introduced the exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2015 in Las Vegas its new development – Intel Curie. This electronic module is the size of a large button that can be used in smart bracelets, glasses and many other small electronic devices.

Intel Curie is equipped with 32-bit energy-efficient system-on-chip Intel Quark SE, which is specially designed for portable devices and has 384 KB flash drive, 80 KB SRAM memory, combined with six axis sensor (accelerometer and gyroscope ), Bluetooth Low Energy module, distance sensor unit for charging the battery.

The module is suitable for continuously running applications send and receive messages from social networks and fitness workouts. The system is specially designed for very low power consumption and can work through long battery the size of a coin.

And yet, in Intel Quark SE is built recognition system images that can recognize human gestures. The first batch Intel Curie should appear in the second half of 2015. To work with Intel Curie manufacturer offers special software kit Intel IQ Software Kit, which includes an operating system, operating in real time, libraries and many examples.

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