Intel MICA

My Intelligent Communication Accessory – hidden behind the acronym MICA, the bangle, which exists as a prototype and was developed by Intel in cooperation with Opening Ceremony. With MICA Intel wants to blow a little so the scope of common wearables and especially the ladies also offer a respectable combination of design and technology.

Women come – what the design of wearables terms – only in the lean fitness trackers on their costs. The correct Smart Watches are usually quite chunky and come in a rather sporty design, which on a dainty ladies arm not as elegant looks such as a classic woman’s wristwatch.

Even now, Intel has not really let his cards, as far as the specifications of this device, but Nicole could not only look within the IDF, but already create yourself, as you can see in the same clip. At first glance, MICA actually appears to be only a thick bracelet, which serves as jewelry. Only on the inside reveals the display with a screen diagonal of 1.6 inches. The bracelet itself is a flexible battery and you can also be a SIM card into this costly gadget place, so that you can use MICA independently without the connection to a smartphone.

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