Intel NUC CPUs Baby Canyon and Arches Cany

Lovers very compact equipment will soon have new options from which to choose. A new filtration has been commissioned to show the new Intel NUC computers based on Intel Core processors belonging to Seventh Generation Baby Canyon and Arches Canyon series coming to succeed Rock Canyon, Pinnacle Canyon and Canyon Grass.
Intel NUC platform Baby Canyon

Intel NUC CPUs Baby Canyon and Arches Cany 2

Intel NUC CPUs Baby Canyon and Arches Cany

First we have the new Intel NUC based on the Baby Canyon platform formed by various Intel Core i7, Core i5 and Core i3 processors belonging to the 7000 series and therefore Skylake based architecture.
These kits allow you to install up to 32 GB DDR4 memory at a maximum frequency of 2,133 MHz thanks to the presence of two DIMM slots. We follow your specifications with the presence of M.2 and SATA III ports for the installation of up to two storage units SSD or SSD and HDD to user’s choice.

Its specifications are completed with a memory card reader, a USB 3.1 port, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, a 3 Interface Thunderbolt, high-definition audio with 7.1 channels, an Ethernet port, Bluetooth 4.2 + WiFi 802.11ac and multiple outputs video as HDMI and DisplayPort 1.2 2.0 (USB-Type-C).
They are built with an aluminum chassis with compact dimensions of 115 x 111 x 51 although depending on the model chosen height lying between 51 mm and 32 mm.

New Intel CPUs NUC with Baby Canyon and Arches Cany 2
Moreover we have the new NUC based on Arches Canyon that will be more modest starting with the use of DDR3 memory and only allow you to install an SSD or 2.5 inch HDD. Its specifications are completed with an Ethernet port, WiFi 802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.2, USB 3.0 connectors and high quality audio HD 7.1 channel.
In this case they will be manufactured with plastic chassis with dimensions of 15 x 111 x 51 mm.

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