Intel NUC Skull Canyon

Intel is continuing to support its idea of ​​small but efficient and powerful PC through various iterations of the Next Unit of Computing (NUC). The latest models are home even an Intel i3 or i5 sixth-generation architecture Skylake.

Perfect for productivity, these NUC not aim to players but the small form factor is so interesting. A new product line of Intel should arrive shortly, codenamed Skull Canyon. It will possess a remarkably high computing power, with 72 Execution Units and 64 or 128 MB of eDRAM. In short, it is simply the best graphics card from Intel.

What can make a difference is therefore the graphics processing ability, not be a usual Iris Pro 580 (GT4e) ninth generation in a similar terminal. It is however a pure deduction Iris Pro being the only new generation announced by Intel so far, but something tells us that at CES in Las Vegas will know something more. The debut is indeed scheduled for the first quarter of 2016.

Skull Canyon should be capable of generating 1TFLOPS of computational power for the first time in a NUC. It could also provide a decent experience in gaming at 1080p.

Beware, therefore, to call him “Mini PC”, the new configuration awaited Intel could point indeed very high, combining the computing power of processors Skylake sixth-generation integrated graphics Iris Pro.

Currently, there are already very high performance configurations, the current NUC using Intel processors up to Core Skylake i5-6260U (1.9 GHz) and 540 graphics chip Iris, but Skull Canyon could further elevate l’asticella offering the best CPU (up to Core i7 ) and GPU on the square (always referring to dual-core models in the series “U” and certainly not the most powerful desktop).

It is unclear when the price of this mini PC, if it comes in a compact format, or will have slightly larger dimensions to those canonical. It would certainly be interesting if it came on the market as a mini PC with Windows 10 already full … We just have to wait.

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