Intel Skylake-X and X-Kaby Lake: new confirmations of specifications and launch date

If you are about to do an upgrade and wait for some news from Intel with regard to high-end, make yourself comfortable because we will have to wait at least a year. To confirm this, including clarification of the rumor of bygone days, get an Intel internal slide posted by colleagues, slide which confirms that the launch of Processors Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X will not happen before ‘next summer.

Kaby Lake-X

As seen in recent weeks, the Santa Clara company seems to want to further articulate its offering and while it will propose the CPU Kaby Lake-S to replace the current Skylake Core i7-6700 / 6600K, the other will continue HEDT line with Skylake-X and the new series actually called Kaby Lake-X.

If Skylake-X will be a natural evolution of Broadwell-EP (LGA 2011 / X99 chipset), presented last month, the novelty is that Intel will introduce Kaby Lake-X on the same hardware ecosystem; this platform will be called Basin Fall-X and will use the new socket LGA 2066.

Taking a look at the slide, we see that Kaby Lake-X will be “just” a Quad-Core, but the TDP is significantly higher than current Core i7 6000 series, we speak of 112 Watt.

This series of CPU of course has no integrated GPU, so the reason for the increase of the TDP is not very clear, especially if we look at the L3 cache (8MB only); We can only speculate that the chip is very thorough in frequency and has a strong predisposition overclocking.

With this move Intel is not likely to facilitate the user in the choice of processors, the less experienced will certainly no small effort to understand the differences between these models. Pending further information we leave you with the specifications that emerged on the web:

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