iPhone 7

iPhone 7

When it comes to display quality, Samsung and the Galaxy series is not infrequently showered with praise. As mentioned last year, the Galaxy S5, this year the specialists of DisplayMate have chosen the display of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge of the best on the market. Samsung has long sets with most smartphones on the OLED instead of LCD technology. OLED displays are characterized by better contrast than LCDs from values ​​and without limiting the viewing angle. In addition, the power consumption is lower and OLED displays may also be flexible.

Even if Apple for the first time an OLED display using the Apple Watch said in one of his products, suggest new evidence suggests that not only the iPhone 6s, but also the iPhone will continue to rely on the tried and true 7 LCDs. The at least suspected J. P. Morgan analyst Narci Chang in a note to investors, such as Apple Insider reports.

According to analysts, Apple has entered into a new partnership with Japan Display, which includes the construction of a display factory. This would result in $ 1.4 billion a new factory, which is able to produce 100 million 5-inch LCDs per year. Japan Display, confirmed the construction of the factory where Apple financially involved some time ago.

Another note on the use of LCDs comes from Apple partner Foxconn: even this announced an investment in LCD production of 2.6 billion dollars in. Therefore, it is probably pretty unlikely that Apple will turn his back in the near future of LCD technology.

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