Although college years and we remain distant to most of us, we all remember the audiovisual material used in classrooms around the year 90-2000. Technology has also changed the education sector and whereas now the children are progressively changing textbooks for tablets, Google wants to take a cable also teachers with projects like Jamboard, a blackboard with 4K resolution and 55 inches in size .

The Google Jamboard is the first hardware device designed and manufactured by Google. We tell you what we can do with it.

So will the Google Jamboard

This board designed for the educational or professional sector has a touch screen 55-inch 4K resolution and includes two stylii pencils and an eraser and main innovation allows us to control the board from different devices, so that we can edit the content that appears in it without getting up from the chair, in a collaborative mode. It also includes an HD camera with which we can make video calls in case we need the point of view of that fellow who is on the other side of the world.
Thanks to the Google Jamboard, teamwork (either in a workgroup or in a classroom) will be much easier. As data, it will not be compatible with Windows, but with Android and Apple.

Availability and price of Google Jamboard

In the absence of confirming its release date, we know that its price will be around 5,500 euros. An investment that we will get much game but that is obviously not intended for domestic use.

Then we leave a video for you to see in operation and better understand its concept. Definitely a very interesting device that everyone would like to have in our workplace

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