LaCie Mirror

LaCie Mirror

In addition to the external drive in the strong performance of LaCie Rugged RAID 4TB volume today was introduced portable drive LaCie Mirror with a body made of glass Corning Gorilla Glass.

Mirror is installed in a box stand of ebony, included in the kit. The capacity, endowed with a decorative function, equal to 1 TB. According to the designers, the mirror surface of the body serves as a metaphor that data stored in the storage – photos, videos, documents – are a reflection of the user.

Dimensions drive, equipped with interface USB 3.0, equal to 80 x 128 x 13 mm stand has dimensions of 80 x 155 x 14 mm.

Drive LaCie Mirror is accompanied by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. He is priced at $ 280 and should appear on sale this quarter.

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