Will be launched in January, the first model in the series LEAGOO Shark that will group smartphones with high-capacity battery of the Chinese House. That smartphone made in China with super-integrated battery has become a driving category as the success dell’Oukitel K10000 battery with records from 10.000mAh and apparently other manufacturers are keen to seize this opportunity. They are convenient because they allow you to have a range of more than 1 day on a single charge and can also make the functions of powerbank charging other devices via USB.

The frame thus becomes a bit ‘more squat and cumbersome because it must be able to accommodate the larger battery size, but all in all it is a minor inconvenience compared with the advantage of not having to carry external batteries far more voluminous. The recipe is exactly the same for LEAGOO which will debut in this market segment with the Shark 1, also called Shark 6300 to refer already in the name of the built-in 6300mAh battery.

Whether you call LEAGOO Shark 1 Shark 6300, actually changes little because it is still a smartphone 6-inch screen with IPS Full-HD and octa-core processor Mediatek (MTK SoC model has not yet been clarified, as well as the ‘ amount of onboard memory, and storage). The frame has a classic design in two colors, black or white, and can hide well enough volume 6300mAh battery (6250mAh to be precise). If you are wondering how long it will take to recharge a battery so large, you need not worry because the LEAGOO Shark 1 has a chip for rapid charge 3A which will reduce waiting times.

Apart from the battery, LEAGOO Shark 1 is characterized by a very high profile multimedia functionality, which makes it a perfect terminal for the audio-video entertainment: has a double rear 16MP with dual-LED flash, a front room 8MP ( with LED flash to let you take selfie at night), a large speaker bar and even a consumer infrared transmitter for use as a multi-function remote control for other devices.

LEAGOO Shark 1 has a more classic design compared to other smartphones of Chinese House
Last but not least a scanner fingerprint fingerprint ID, a feature designed from a professional viewpoint of BYOD, but who is having huge success in the consumer because of the speed and safety with which allows you to unlock the phone. For more information on LEAGOO Shark 1 Shark 6300 we will meet in January, around the time of the CES 2016

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