Leica Sofort

Sofort instant camera, the new device is available to market the famous Leica cameras maraca. Combining the nostalgia of the old Polaroid snapshots offered and technology of new cameras, Leica also wants its piece of the pie as we saw in our Top 2016 snapshot cameras. Instant Camera Specifications Leica Sofort Instant Camera Leica Sofort, has some measures 124 mm x 94 mm x 58 mm and weighing 305 grams. Its lens is a Hektor 60 mm and an aperture of f / 12.7, which in terms of objective equivalent to a 34 mm. It has a 740 mAh battery that will give us a range of approximately 100 shots. The back, the typical viewer incorporates analog cameras and a small vertical screen that will display various information such as the battery that remains, brightness etc. Next to the display are placed vertically so also, 5 physical buttons, on / off, mode, flash, timer and brightness.leica-sofort sofort Sofort, instant option Leica Its automatic, intuitive operation, has three main focus modes, Macro, short distance and long distance. Apart from these, it also features many already know, as they can be sport, party, double exposure or selfie among others. For the latter mode it has on its front with a small mirror to help us in making selfies pictures. In this way we can know in advance whether we will or not well focused. How could it be otherwise, also it incorporates a flash. Availability and price of instant camera Leica Sofort sofort Colors in which we find the Leica Sofort Vintage style this camera will be available in November at a price of approximately 285 euros. You will be able to buy in three colors, white, orange and green. Their charges were bought separately and will be in color or black and white.

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