Lenovo Chromebooks 2015

Lenovo has already released a couple of Chromebooks and plans to expand this initiative in 2015. According suppliers from Taiwan, the Chinese manufacturer for next year plan numerous models with price recommendations under 170 US dollars. Inside processors are stuck on ARM-based partner Rockchip. As a contract manufacturer of Chromebooks applies Bitland Information Technology. Analysts expect that Lenovo could deliver in 2015 a total of approximately 1.5 million Chromebooks. This corresponds to about 2014, an increase of 212%.

The Great Google Chromebooks win focusing on cloud, and Web applications as entry-level notebooks in importance. While one expects for 2014 came with about 6 million units, it could be 2015 already more than 12 million be. Besides Lenovo especially Acer, ASUS and Samsung engage in this market segment.

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