Lenovo Fancy Maker

Fancy Maker

Xiaomi success in the smartphone market forces competitors to adopt certain aspects of the business model of the Chinese leader. At least two companies have already decided to sell certain machines only through online stores. We are talking about Micromax and subsidiary Yu Televentures, as well as Lenovo and line devices K.
Lenovo Fancy Maker

As it became known, a new line of Lenovo is not limited. As an Indian manufacturer, the company also decided to create a subsidiary. The newly formed company will be named Fancy Maker. It will implement the smartphone through an online store, which will reduce costs and increase market share.

Fancy Maker headed by Vice President Chen Xudong Lenovo (Chen Xudong). By the way, of the decision of the company, we learned back in October, but then it was not clear until the end, what will be engaged in the new venture. Apparently, it’s not limited to just smartphones.

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