Lenovo Flex 2-14 – 14

Lenovo Flex 2-14 - 14

Exactly a year ago we showed you the first budget versatile notebook Lenovo – Jets only 650 BNL Flex 10. Ideal combination between a tablet and a compact laptop that facilitates our daily lives.
But still … 10 “in many cases come a little. Fortunately, the Beijing company also knows this and offers its users various alternatives. One of them is tested by the team of Digital.bg in this review Lenovo Flex 2 14.
Purely conceptual he copied what he saw in the first Flex brand, but implementation has received several further refined detail. The idea is to have a robust design that quickly and easily can remodel from classic laptop, to pure tablet for presentations or popular lately “mode tent.”
We will answer, why the space around the keyboard is not completely equal with domestic in buttons. The aim is that part of gadget could serve as the basis for two of those modes. But stand stands at a slight angle and supporting leg is de facto the lower edge.

If you want more flexible hybrid, you can take a look and the model Lenovo Yoga 2 in which there are more opportunities. The body of 14 Flex 2 is built almost entirely of plastic, and only have different colors and types of its processing.

The periphery is divided into two gradient between the two materials. Assembly between them is very high quality and do not notice even after more serious attempts gestures on our part.
Display as we have said is one of the biggest advantages of the new hybrid of Lenovo. It has a 14 “diagonal and HD resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Based on this we can calculate the density of pixels on an area of ​​1 ‘112, and the amount of each item of 0227 mm. Good enough result that will not only transmits the image well, but indirectly take care to reduce the consumption of electricity.

For it in numbers shortly. More importantly, we need to make here is that the display of Flex 2 14 touchscreen. That is, you can work directly pressing a finger on it. As we know Windows 8 operating system, which goes into basic kit is perfectly optimized for exactly this type of device as this.
Display, our gaze goes to the keyboard. As already mentioned it is located in his own bed, a few millimeters below the common plane. This distribution in combination with island-style keys makes writing long text much more convenient when compared to standard keyboards.

Only you will need some time to get used to. Against the background of the compact hybrid touchpad is huge straight. It is monoblock type with two distinguished from conditional embossed line auxiliary button.
Although it is only 22.4 mm thick, the profile of Lenovo Flex 2 14 accommodates the very rich to the outputs of peripherals and applications. Including Power button is exported there.

On the right besides him mark 2 USB ports 2.0, memory card reader 4-in-1 that recognizes formats SD, SDHC, SDXC and MMC, combined audio jack and cursor control volume. On the left are the power port, cooling grid, Ethernet, digital HDMI video output and one USB, but by a more rapid and reliable version 3.0.
In terms of hardware on Lenovo Flex 2 14 are not compromised. CPU is a fourth-generation dual-core Intel Core i3 model with abbreviation 4030U. It has 3MB cache and clocked at 1.9 GHz. The RAM is 4GB DDR3L, The partner and graphics processor integrated HD Graphics 4400.

Built-in storage space for data is a hybrid type and combines 500GB HARD and NAND Flash based SSHD with more 8. During our tests costing just over 2 1000lv Lenovo Flex 14 is great for all medium heavy tasks that his place. So we understand and how long the machine can withstand alone a single charge – about 6 hours.

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