Lenovo MIIX 510 Tablet Windows 10

Lenovo has flooded the market in recent months with products of all kinds: laptops, smartphones, tablets, convertibles, … The Chinese manufacturer has become the leader in notebook sales worldwide. And it aims to become the largest manufacturer of tablets, with devices as cheap as this: the new tablet with Windows 10, Lenovo MIIX 510.

Lenovo MIIX 510, a tablet with Windows 10

If you want to enjoy a tablet with Windows 10 for day to day, but at a much cheaper price than the Surface, certainly the Lenovo MIIX 510 is one of the best options. This convertible comes with a very careful design, with quality materials. Its body is made of aluminum and looks a nice silver color.

12.2-inch FHD display

The Lenovo MIIX 510 brings 12.2 ”
Lenovo MIIX 510, with 12.2 “display and an aluminum design that highlights
We are talking about a computer with 12.2 “screen and built-in keyboard, which can be used as both tablet or laptop. Its total weight is 880 grams, and has an exact dimensions of 300 x 205 x 9.9 mm.

The tablet has an IPS screen with a diagonal of 12.2 inches, an ideal figure for those who need to use this convertible as a tool. On the other hand the resolution FullHD stays in the 1920 × 1200 pixels.

It also comes laminated with the Corning Gorilla Glass system, so it is well protected. It also maintains the classic 16:10 format. The touch screen can be used with the Lenovo Active Pen, which has 2048 pressure levels.

Lenovo MIIX 510, available in three versions: i3, i5 or i7

Lenovo MIIX 510 delivers amazing performance
Inside this tablet with Windows 10 “saves” a Intel Core 6th generation chip in the Skylake range (the same as the Surface Pro 4), or seconded by an Intel HD 520 graphics.

The user can choose in three versions: i3, i5 or i7. The RAM can be 4 or 8 GB and its storage can vary between 128 and 256 GB in SSD format. We also have a microSD slot to expand the memory if necessary.



5 MP + 2MP camera pack

In terms of cameras, the MIIX 510 comes with a 5 megapixel front that integrates autofocus. More than enough for videoconferences in HD. The other camera has to conform with only 2 MP. The truth is that this section is usually the least important when it comes to a tablet.

8-hour autonomy and 4G LTE connectivity

Lenovo MIIX 510, with 4G LTE connectivity
Lenovo MIIX 510, brings a version with 4G LTE connectivity
If we talk about autonomy, the Lenovo MIIX 510 tablet comes with a 39W battery, which according to the manufacturers will allow us to use the convertible over 8 hours uninterrupted.

The other specifications are as expected in such a device. Includes WiFi 802.11ac, USB Type C connector, for fast loading files. It also incorporates Bluetooth, and there is a version with 4G LTE connection.

Lenovo MIIX 510, with built-in keyboard

One of the advantages of buying this tablet, is that it has built-in keyboard. It also has a singularity. And it is that the keys have shifted almost 1.5 mm, so that it resembles as much as a laptop. And if this were not enough, there is more, as it opens as if it were a “book style” cover. Ideal to protect the screen when we have to move from one place to another.

Also the screen incorporates in the back a flap, which when deployed is used as a foot. Thanks to this system it is not necessary to resort to the sling.

Lenovo MIIX 510 brings built-in keyboard
Lenovo MIIX 510 brings built-in keyboard, much like a laptop
Comparison between the Lenovo MIIX 510 and the Chuwi Hi10 Plus

With these features, it is clear that the Lenovo MIIX 510 is a strong competitor compared to other tablets with Windows 10, such as the Chuwi Hi10 Plus, although taking into account that there are important differences between them.

Although both work with the same operating system, Chuwi Hi10 also integrates another OS, in this case based on Android, and is named Remix OS 2.0.

As for the design, the two teams bet on the same metallic materials. The MIIX 510 is much more compact. This difference in measurements between one and another, translates into the size of the screen. While the Lenovo convertible features a 12.2-inch panel, the Chuwi Hi10 Plus only reaches 10.8 “.

Internally there is no color. Although they share Intel CPUs, the power of a next generation Intel Core processor (Lenovo MIIX 510) in any of its versions, is not the same as a Cherry Trail Z8300 (Chuwi Hi10 Plus), despite the good performance of this latest.

The Lenovo tablet (minimum 128 GB) also doubles in ROM to the Chuwi (64 GB). And the pack of cameras of the Hi10 Plus (2MP + 2MP) is not the same, than those that have integrated the MIIX 510 (5MP + 2MP).

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