Lenovo Y27f AMD FreeSync

When it comes to monitors, this one must admit – this market recently experiencing considerable siege, which may in a very positive impact on the end customer. The biggest companies are trying to outdo issues visual and technical, but quite significant śrubowaniu specifications are unfortunately impede technological limitations. All types of matrices have their advantages and disadvantages, so that any potential buyer will have to compromise on this, or any other matter. The well-known brand on the Polish market, Lenovo has decided to slightly refresh their offer is in the department monitors for the players, presenting a model codenamed Y27F. Chinese company mainly is associated with mobile playing, it does not mean that a more stationary equipment for them is something alien. What, then, will be able to show off their latest design? First of all the various sorts facilities directed towards the players.

Lenovo Y27f AMD FreeSync 2

Lenovo Y27f AMD FreeSync

Lenovo Y27F is a structure designed for gamers, and the proof of this is to use the panel with a high refresh or full support for dynamic technology refresh AMD FreeSync. Starting from the beginning, we deal with a monitor with a curved screen whose diagonal is 27 inches. Native resolution is the standard now 1920×1080 pixels. VA panel was used, by which we can expect a good black, and good viewing angles. One of the biggest disadvantages of the VA panels exchanged by users is relatively large ghosting while gaming. Opponents of this type of matrix will probably complain, because for some it is a key issue when it comes to gameplay. Manufacturer predicted such situations, so Lenovo Y27F will be able to boast a high refresh rate of 144 Hz. In addition, we can count on full support for AMD FreeSync, operating in the range of 48-144 Hz. As far as the angles of view, they amount to 178 ° / 178 °. Static contrast is at the level of 3000: 1.

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As for the reaction time, it also does not complain about what, because he is familiar with IPS panels 4 ms between shades of gray. This value should fully satisfy the majority of potential users, especially if we add to this the high frame rate, or AMD FreeSync. The monitor is connected to your computer via connectors HDMI (1.4) and DisplayPort (1.2). Monitor now it is to purchase the manufacturer’s website for the amount of $ 399 (approx. 1525 zł). It is worth noting that the manufacturer has served us very similar solution, so that with technology straight from the green camp having NVIDIA G-SYNC. The amount you will have to pay for a version of the G-SYNC is significantly higher, as is $ 549.47 (approx. 2100 zł). The most expensive version, however, is signed Razer logo in which we find even lighting RGB Chroma Razer. For such a rarity will have to pay a trifling $ 649.99 (approx. 2480 zł). Admittedly, the Lenovo Y27F a good-looking design that has a chance to find a pretty big audience. Holders of graphics cards AMD Radeon can enjoy the double, because the version with AMD FreeSync price looks very good

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