Leotec Fitwatch

In an age where every day is necessary to resort to the charger to prevent the phone, tablet or laptop runs out of battery quickly, it is logical that many users opt for a watch or smart bracelet not want to add another device which they have to constantly worry about their autonomy. For all of them it was born a simple model as Leotec Fitwatch.

Leotec Fitwatch is a smart watch that explains itself as a blend between this genus and bracelets, preferring to leave out some more full-featured or a reproduction of its interface with many details or colorful shades to go for a long life your battery. The end result seems to be searched.

Features Leotec Fitwatch
Leotec Fitwatch
LEOTEC Fitwatch
Dimensions 33 x 8.8 mm
Weight 16 grams
Black, green and gray colors
Watch materials Steel
Silicone strap materials
Pedometer sensors, accelerometer and UV
Notifications functions calls, SMS and social networks, monitor sleep and number of steps / traveled / distance calories burned
IPX7 certification
Compatibility iOS 7 and Android 4.3 or higher
Nice design and sturdy

Leotec Fitwatch
Leotec Fitwatch has a nice design
The essence of this device is designed in sports rather than formal or business field, so those looking for a type of watch that resembles traditional showing the time in an analog format or construction from leather straps or metal, Leotec Fitwatch clearly not the right choice.

Thus, the SmartWatch has a completely circular with metal edges and one side button that allows turn on or off the display style. In the case of belts, positively brings to purchase a total of three silicone options (black, green and gray) that the user can freely exchange their choice.

It must be clarified that the device has a resistance IPX7, which means the support contact with water almost at its highest level. While in case it is not advisable to bathe or dive in the pool with Fitwatch Leotec position, there will be no risk of damage should be open rain or tap previously having forgotten it off.

Screen and autonomy hand

Leotec Fitwatch
Leotec Fitwatch has super-simple interface
Although two features such as screen and battery are often not included within a section when making an analysis, this creation is essential Leotec do because one depends on the other.

Specifically it included an OLED display with a resolution of 96 x 39 pixels is created with a low-energy system designed to generate good results on the battery. Also in the same images it can be seen that data playback has very few elements and only in white on a black background, which also has an impact.

Thus, those who use it can attest that your battery gets one of the best autonomies have been seen in this type of screen equipment included, can reach up to 15 days (depending on what the user gives you throughout the day).

Sensors and functions available

Leotec Fitwatch
Leotec Fitwatch also adds accelerometer and vibration
When talking about what you can get this watch should be informed of a different majority function, as has an integrated sensor that reports the UV index to which the user is subjected, can thus prevent sunburn. This is ideal for those who come to perform physical activity outdoors at any time of day.

Moreover, do not miss the inclusion of a pedometer used to measure different parameters of physical activity, whether steps taken, distance traveled or calories burned after exercise that distance. Even at bedtime also it helps measure the user’s movements in bed and be able to analyze the quality of sleep.

Finally, the relationship with the phone is through the traditional Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, which shows on the small screen message notifications, calls, and major social networking Apps received at the terminal.

Support for Mobile

If you are interested in purchasing Leotec Fitwatch should be aware that for proper operation must have a compatible phone with iOS 7 onwards or Android 4.3+, which at this point seems to encompass the vast majority of terminals on the market .

It should also be remembered that an official application for these mobile operating systems that makes it viable accumulate different data collected with the passage of time and perform general physical analysis of user activity is available.

Sport differences Leotec Smartwatch

Leotec Sport Smartwatch inlcudes a camera
Leotec Sport Smartwatch inlcudes a camera
Previously already it has been made from the same site an analysis of a clock of this manufacturer, Leotec Sport Smartwatch. It is closer to a traditional option Smartwatch present with more options ranging from calculator, stopwatch and calendar to playback the distance of music and images or theft system.

In addition to a completely different design with a square format and a larger (1.54-inch) screen, the main difference is the phone need not have slots for microSD and SIM. Even his microphone and built-in speaker make it possible to make / receive calls from the same clock.

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