Lexar JumpDrive S25, S35, S55, S75

Lexar JumpDrive S25

Range of Lexar flash drives joined JumpDrive S25, S35, S55 and S75. All are equipped with USB 3.0 interface and packaged software EncryptStick Lite, allowing protect the information using encryption.

JumpDrive S75 model has a retractable connector. She offered in several colors, each color corresponds to a certain volume. So, lilac drive has a capacity of 16 GB, orange – 32 GB, green – 64 GB, black – 128 GB, white – 256 GB.

In contrast to the JumpDrive S75, JumpDrive S55 drive is available only with 128 GB. It has a sliding connector cover.

JumpDrive S35 is a feature swivel design with a connector that extends and retracts automatically when the movable member body. The device is offered in four versions: dark turquoise 16GB, 32GB green, purple 64 GB and 128 GB capacity black.

JumpDrive S25 USB flash drive is small in size. Similar to the JumpDrive S75, it has a retractable connector. The drive is available in four versions, in terms of design and color is identical to the JumpDrive S35.

The data transfer rate depends on the volume of storage. The most high-speed versions of all four models show in read speeds of up to 150 MB / s in write mode – 60 MB / s.

Sales drives Lexar JumpDrive S25, S35, S55, S75 will begin in February.

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