LG L Fino and L Bello

LG L Fino and L Bello

If they are not comparable to the “G” the most sophisticated brand range, however the latest LG L Series in the same design slightly. LG L and L Bello Fino are thicker and certainly can not compete with the G3 in screen terms, but still show the overall look, thanks to the power and volume buttons, all located on their back cover. The similarity ends there, especially when the black borders around their screen is observed.

Both offered with quad processors whose mark has not been specified, these smartphones are compatible with the H + at 21 Mbps, which directs us to the MediaTek. The rest of their datasheet is a little clearer. First things Fino L, the “simplest” of the two devices, which sports a 4.5-inch IPS screen, and a definition of 480 x 800 pixels (207 dpi). His chip at 1.2GHz coupled with 1GB of RAM, and internal storage is limited to 4 GB with a micro-SD port support. The terminal has a back camera sensor 8 megapixel and a VGA camera on the front, and measures 127.5 x 67.9 x 11.9 mm, sheltering under its hood a battery of 1900 mAh.
LG L Fino

The LG L Fino

As for the L Bello, it is slightly larger with its 5-inch screen, again with a definition IPS but just above (854 x 480 pixels, 196 dpi), all in a body of 138.2 x 70.6 x 10.7 mm. Its processor is clocked at 1.3 GHz, always coupled with 1GB of RAM. His image sensor is identical, but its front camera switches to 1 million points and storage space is up to 8 GB. Its battery is also boosted, with a capacity of 2540 mAh.
LG L Bello

The LG L Bello

Rather modest in technical terms, the LG L Fino and L Bello rely primarily on their design and software side. They both run on Android 4.4.2 and have some of the proprietary features of the Korean brand. Both devices are compatible with the hull Quick Circle box, and thus can use his round window to access certain applications. Knock Code is also present for unlocking, just like the front consisting of a flash in the left screen area light to illuminate the face who wants to achieve a selfie.

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