Mainboard Z97S SLI Krait Edition

Mainboard Z97S SLI

MSI has introduced the new Krait SLI motherboard Z97S for case modders and enthusiasts. As a price, the manufacturer fixed 119 euros. The basis of the board’s chipset Z97. According to MSI, the motherboard was developed in cooperation with leading modders and puts on a deliberately Elegant Design in Black and White. In addition to the Intel LGA 1150 are two PCI-Express 3.0 x16 slots for SLI and Crossfire configurations on board. In the four slots for DDR3 RAM up to 3200 MHz can accommodate the memory.

Hard disks can be hooked up through the six ports SATA 6 GB / s. continue to SATA Express and M.2 are available. Overclockers provides MSI with “OC Genie 4” a simple tool to the side, which allows the high clock rates on the Screws touch of a button, without that BIOS needs to be adjusted.

In trade, the MSI SLI Z97S Krait Edition is from late October to the said price of 119 Euro.

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