Medion Erazer X7831

Medion Erazer X7831

Medion Erazer X7831 notebooks series aimed at gaming enthusiasts who want to make any compromises. So even reading the data sheet of the Medion Erazer X7831 presented here (MD 98781) for palpitations provides. In addition to the ultra-powerful Intel Core i7 4710MQ with its four cores, the currently most powerful graphics card joins from the house of NVIDIA. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M has 4 GB of memory and is capable of self-consuming titles liquid present in high details and resolutions. The 16 GB memory support the comprehensive performance package of the Medion cars. Since remain free two memory slots at the factory, up to 32 GB of RAM can be used.

Unlike two of his colleagues, the Medion Erazer X7831 series (MD 98781) no need to use a SSD. Thus, the system performance is a – as we find important – lost block, just program and startup are done much more nimble with a SSD. For the notebook with 2 TB has the largest disk space series. The Full HD resolution of matt 17.3 inch display fits the gaming standards as well as the backlit keyboard. The latter can be useful in dimly lit LAN party rooms well. The webcam with her 3-megapixel resolution comparatively high resolution.

Even with the other equipment Medion Erazer X7831, the (MD 98781) does not disappoint. A total of five (!) USB ports available (3x USB 3.0, 1x eSATA). In addition to VGA and HDMI outputs on graphics and the audio range is plenty stocked. In addition to the standard headphone output and microphone input, there are 1x line-in and line-out 1x. In addition, digital supports 1 x S / P-DIF. Communicating over Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet and Bluetooth 4.0. With all the performance and features, it is more of a side note, that mobility is not among the virtues of Medions. Neither weight, dimensions or battery runtime for doing so – but they do not need, too.

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