MeeGo T01 PC Stick Intel

MeeGo T01 PC Stick Intel

Here come the new information and new images of Meego-T01, the first Mini PC key based on the x86 platform. It is produced by MeegoPad, Chinese brands already on the market tablet / mini PC / Smartphone Asia, and is available for pre-order on aliexpress for less than 100 € with shipments scheduled for early November.

New photos you see at end of article are combined with the full specification of MeeGo-T01. We will have two configurations. The first with Intel Atom Z3735F 64-bit and 2 GB of RAM, and the second with Atom Z3735G 32-bit to 1 GB of RAM. Both will get 16 or 32 GB of internal eMMC and both will have a frame measuring 100 x 38 x 9.6 with a weight of 50 grams.

Also share a microUSB port, a USB 2.0 standard size, a microSD reader, the power button (never assume Stick on PC) and network card RTL 8723BS supports WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 LE. That of MeegoPad is, in short, the card of a PC Mini as Zbox PI320 Pico or a Windows tablet Acer Iconia Tab 8W, placed in a very compact size.

It will be to understand how it will behave T01 in energy management: the heat generated by the Intel SoC (2.2 watts TDP) will eventually bring high temperatures since the frame so shallow? And just the metal heatsink you see in the picture to ensure proper management? Finally, the final models, the ones for sale, they will have a more elaborate frame, with some air intake more?

We will be back. T01 will not be the only one to use the card Bay Trail. They are already on the network the first clue on other models sold under different names (such as APM-D01) and it is to believe in a veritable explosion of mini x86 PC later this year. All good news for us, but also for the competition that will be created with the ARM counterparts. The latter will be more and more comfortable in running Android, but the new x86 will remain the great pride of native support for Linux and especially Windows.

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