MHL/HDMI Silicon Image SiI5293 and SiI5620

Infotainment cars are becoming more perfect, in particular, to acquire the possibilities of interaction with mobile devices.

The company introduced a family of Silicon Image chip receivers MHL / HDMI, specially designed to meet the increasing requirements for cell-based on-board electronics cars. More precisely, they satisfy the requirements of the appropriate specification AEC Q-100 and designed to operate in an extended range of temperatures. These receivers allow you to connect to information and entertainment systems in motor vehicles smartphones and tablets equipped with interface MHL. In the on-board system receivers provide signals HDMI, CSI-2 (model SiI5620) and RGB (SiI5293).

Recall MHL interface supports video (resolution up to 4K) and up to eight channels of audio, allowing you to simultaneously charge the battery of the mobile device. In addition, this interface can be controlled with a smartphone GPS and music applications.

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