Microsoft OneNote for Android Wear

Microsoft OneNote for Android Wear

Microsoft increasingly ‘multi-platform’ and boundless in the supply of apps and services for mobile devices determined by specific operating system.

A fact that in today’s day seems to be particularly emphasized by the Redmond, not only with the new Universal Mobile Keyboard is compatible with Android devices, iOS and Windows, but also with the announcement of the release of OneNote for Android smartwatch Wear.

The well-known software note-taking of the Redmond gets a little so as to adapt to the display of the smartwatch equipped with the OS for wearable Bigg.

With ‘OneNote for Android Wear’ will be able to take notes and memos using voice input text, simply issue the command ‘Take a note’ and start to dictate it. To take advantage of the new capabilities offered from the app you must have a smartwatch Android Wear, an Android smartphone (Android version 4.3 and higher) and also use the OneNote app for Android. OneNote for Android Wear, therefore, is not an app stand-alone.

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