Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

While over the course of the past months were circulating plenty of speculation to a larger, more comprehensive equipped iPad Pro as well as a brand new 12-inch MacBook Air from Apple in the network, rumors talked about a successor to the well overdue for an update Microsoft Surface Pro 3 so far very limited. So it is only located so that now the probably reach us via the website The Inquisitr news first concrete info Surface Pro 4-called product. Perhaps the biggest surprise: the next hybrid device from Microsoft will come in two different sized models on the market – and this even before the iPad per end of the second or beginning of the third quarter 2015th

By opting for two surface-Pro-4 models, Microsoft plans to offer its customers apparently simply more options when buying and also position the flat 2-in-1 product even more clearly as a substitute for traditional notebooks. One of the two versions to be exact, as the currently Surface Pro 3 models feature a 12-inch display, the second variant, however, a larger 14-inch touch screen. In both cases, the resolution should be at 2160 x 1440 pixels, according Inquisitr, which is the value of the Surface-Pro-3 panels.

Concerning the hardware inside the probably very flat tablet case of the upcoming Surface-Pro-4 family PhoneArena are complementary to the Inquisitr article some thoughtful and based on further rumors from forecasts. Thus, the two models are powered by an Intel processor, the Core-M series. This SoC solutions are produced in 14-nanometer process, based on Intel’s currently most current microarchitecture called “Broadwell” and are very energy efficient. The use of such chips should cause also that the devices can survive (without fan) without active cooling and offer a long battery life.

Assuming the use of the most energy-efficient Core-M chips does not bring to serious performance degradation for the upcoming Surface Pro generation, so the upcoming models should therefore emit a very coherent upgrade for the current Surface Pro 3. Should help also that their alleged market launch will coincide in the summer probably exactly with the appearance of the new operating system Windows 10

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