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Microsoft has recently presented its figures for the first quarter of its fiscal 2015. Thus, the software giant was able to increase sales compared to the same quarter last year significantly by almost 23 percent to a whopping 23.2 billion US dollars. Net income declined 13 percent to 4.54 billion US dollars, but according to official figures is due to severance payments that must be paid due to the restructuring measures announced in July 2014. So there are, as so often in quarterly reports, the small details, which are particularly interesting. Among these stands out, that business with Surface tablets slowly but surely become a success for Microsoft.

Since the market launch of the first-generation Surface just over two years ago to Microsoft’s ambitions to build their own 2-in-1 devices, a critical view of experts and analysts. Neither the cheaper Surface-RT models with ARM processor, even the more expensive Ultrabook alternatives of Surface-Pro series could convince sales in terms so far. That seems to be changing slowly but surely. Compared with the first quarter of the last fiscal year, Microsoft increased its sales with Surface tablets more than doubled. 908 million US dollars were in the first three months of fiscal 2015, as the Wall Street Journal informs.

The most significant contribution to this recovery for the Surface-family gave probably the method presented in this year Surface Pro 3. Microsoft had called still no sales figures, but the leaders described the new Pro model as popular with customers as well as independent tests had Microsoft by the Bank significant improvements compared to its predecessor Surface Pro 2 certified.

But who thinks now, earn Microsoft Surface with the family now good money for pushing the IT giant itself immediately on the euphoria brake. Sales of said 908 million US dollars are production costs compared to the amount of 839 million US dollars. Since in the latter sum no advertising costs or equivalent are included, it remains unclear until further notice, whether for the first time Microsoft has earned in the past three months with the money Surface tablets. Given the numbers, it would be possible to make a profit by the Surface-family includes the company but not explicitly made​​.

Beyond the Surface-rated Tablets Microsoft in the development of its other major hardware category, the business with the smartphone Lumia family, as also positive. In the quarter expired, the company was able to sell 9.3 million units in this area.

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