Microsoft Wearable product

Microsoft Wearable product

For some time already rumored about it, now it seems only a matter of time to be: A new report by Microsoft is very soon sell their own wearable product. Forbes informs, citing its own sources, the Redmond software giant will introduce within the “next few weeks” a SmartWatch or a smart band, which, for example, an integrated heart rate monitor. Not to be underestimated unique features of the Microsoft device to be both a relatively long battery life of more than two days as well as compatibility with multiple platforms.

The article by Forbes to Microsoft developed the wearable product for some time, the sale could start in time for Christmas this year. Employees from different departments of the company, ranging from engineers who already participated in the Kinect motion controller, via designers and scientists should be involved in the project.

Wearables, special Smart Smart Watches or bands, are currently the major trend in the mobile industry. A trend that among other things, fitness bracelets like the Fitbit and was co-founded by Samsung’s Gear products. If Microsoft will soon introduce a device in this product category, so it will first have to compete with a number of Smart Watches based on Google’s Android platform Wear on the market in the first place. Apple also introduced the Apple Watch a SmartWatch, but will come on the market until early 2015.

Compared to the wearable approaches of Apple and Google but Microsoft seems to want to go a different route with his product. It should be not only compatible with Windows or Windows Phone, but also with iOS and Android. It will be exciting, therefore, to know exactly what the Redmond company have come up in this area and what software is running on the device.

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