Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft has just, USA announced at an event in San Francisco the next major version of its Windows operating system: Windows 10! Read that correctly, the software giant skips to Windows 7 and Windows 8 is simply the number 9 and dispensed else in flowery epithets. From “Windows 9”, “Windows Next” or even “Windows One” so nothing came. Windows 10 is intended to run on a variety of different devices and adapt to always automatically the respective hardware conditions possible. Inveterate mouse and keyboard professionals will especially appreciate the return of a classic start menu, but apart from that there is compared to Windows 8 a lot of improvements and changes.

The decision of the software giant to name the upcoming operating system Windows 10 is based primarily on the intention, 8 clearly to end the chapter Windows and in some way to a fresh start. However, it should introduced with Windows 8 technologies and features not all completely discarded, but inconsistencies are eliminated in the first place. Windows 10 is similar especially Visually the previous lot, but sends at the same time, deliver a mix old school and new operating concepts a much more coherent user experience.

According to Microsoft Windows 10 on an unprecedented range of devices, started running the “Internet of things” to giant data centers and at the same time developers as well as users provide a unified app platform. Developers are thus able to write a single app in the future that can be offered without special adaptations for different device types.

In the first presentation of Windows 10, Microsoft has initially focused on to name a few of the most important new features of the operating system and to companies that are to be moved 10 to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows to drum up business. Consumer wants to inform until early 2015 detail about the upcoming operating system the company.

The stage for a flood of details about Windows 10 should also build the next developer conference offer, which was announced today for April 2015. An exact date for the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 10 has not yet been named, but about mid-2015, it should be ready.

Allen curious PC experts who do not want to wait until well into next year, Microsoft also grants now the opportunity to participate in a freshly launched beta program, within which tomorrow a technical preview of Windows 10 can be downloaded.

Video of Microsoft’s Windows 10 event

The most important new features of Windows 10 at a glance (according to Microsoft)

A Windows for all devices: The next generation of Windows provides a consistent, compatible, and familiar user experience for all device classes of the family – from the PC, via tablets and smartphones, to the Xbox.
Universal Apps: Developers build for Windows 10 future only an application for use on all Windows machines. The app runs universally on multiple devices.
Advanced Start menu: In the new Windows Start menu, the known returns, and thus the ability to directly access important elements. With a single click takes the user to the functions and documents that are used most frequently. There will also be a new section in the start menu, where users can directly access favorite apps, programs, contacts and web pages.
Apps in windowed mode: apps from the Windows Store will open in the new version of Windows like desktop programs. They can be in the Resize flexible and can be pushed back and forth as usual program windows. In addition, the apps will have a title bar for direct access Close, Minimize and Maximize.
Improved Snap-function: With the new Snap feature can be arrange in the future up to four apps on the screen simultaneously.
New functions of the Task Bar: A new button allows a quick overview and an easy change between all open apps and files.
Multiple Desktops: The new Windows can easily switch between multiple, virtual desktops in order to keep more control when using multiple apps.

The advantages of Windows 10 for businesses (according to Microsoft)

Integrated ID protection: Allows you to easily log on to the device, with apps or websites. A two-fold test based on the principle of a smart card is already integrated in the platform.
Improvements to protect against data loss: Windows 10 provides advanced protection within the apps and files – regardless of the equipment used.
Built-malware protection for Apps: release Allows corporate clients, the use of certain applications for enterprise use and restricted to trusted applications.
Simplified, reliable supply: Directly upgrade without time-consuming, new loading processes.
More flexible Updates: Companies can choose the future for each user area the speed of innovation itself.
New ways of using Store: Company individualize future the store according to their needs. So volume licenses can be defines for apps, the distribution of applications is possible more flexible and licenses can be recovered or reused.

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