Motorola Android L Moto X and G

Motorola Android L Moto X and G

Specifically saith the support staff of the models Moto X Moto and G to judge the formulation according to both the devices from last year and the new IFA 2014 featured smartphone. When to begin exactly with the deploy the update to Android L of the employee could not tell, it’s only been by the end of September the speech though.

This would, however, still a little surprised, because Google would hardly announce such a major update without a separate event. After all, is not only a new design language here, but also the official support of 64-bit hardware architecture and numerous further improvements in the source code, making the system gets more performance and greater energy efficiency.

On the other hand, Google is based in the future, possibly to Apple. The US-based CEO Tim Cook usually presents the latest versions of its operating systems at WWDC first met, and the final version of a rule as an update with the launch of each new iPhone generation. Maybe Google could be just this approach have copied Android and L will release with the launch of the Nexus 9 for its hardware partners.

If this is the case, then it should not take long, in fact, and Motorola provided an update on his two smartphones Moto X Moto and G. After all, a senior manager of Motorola announced an update. What a quick update supports: Motorola showed up last year to be especially fast what relates to new Android versions.

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