Motorola Moto 360

Motorola Moto 360

Get confirmation on inductive charging and therefore the presence of the form Qi in the future Motorola Moto 360: the next smartwatch by Motorola and the first house with round dial.

This news comes from Mistergadget, the alter ego of Luca Viscardi, where it received its world premiere in the wearable device from Motorola.

First, he has expressed a positive opinion on three very important aspects of this smartwatch:

Lightness: is noticed as soon as you wear the device, much lighter than the other Android Wear in circulation;
And screen brightness: “Equalization top” of the screen and a very good brightness that lets you use the device under the sun;
Battery: at least “two and half times” than the LG G Watch with the form Qi (Wireless Inductive Charging) and therefore very comfortable and functional.

The price is not confirmed yet, definitely more than 250 € due to the quality of the materials and the round dial (very hard to produce).

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