Motorola Moto G Cyanogend Mod 11 Nightly

Motorola Moto G Cyanogend Mod 11 Nightly

For the 3G model of the Moto G there is the popular Cyanogen Mod for some time, but owners of the new LTE version of Motorola smartphones were still empty out. This is now closing but, because the work on the official mod has already started and the first nightly version is already available for download. Unlike the 3G variant of the Cyanogen Mod during LTE Moto G must be modified in some aspects, all of course because of the LTE modem and the MicroSD slot now available. Download the Nightly of Cyanogend Mod 11 is possible through the official website of Cyanogen. The size of the custom ROM is just over 230 MB.

Cyanogen Mod enjoys great popularity when it comes to the use of a Custom ROM on Android Devices. Not in vain, therefore, the demand for the OnePlus One is so great. Using the Mod can change the appearance of the surface modifying still significantly more than would normally be the case under Android. Even entire Themes can be downloaded mod on simple manner and are set up on the phone thanks to Cyanogen. Thus, not only the background image, but also the icons and sometimes even the surface of the buttons changes. For concern, however, is that it is in the Nightly version is not the final version of Cyanogen Mod 11, with appropriate care so you should be installing on his smartphone.

The Motorola Moto G LTE provides an internal flash memory of 8 GB, this can be expanded via MicroSD card. The new LTE modem provides speeds of up to 150 megabits per second download. The display remains at 4.5 inches and offers HD resolution. Inside a Qualcomm Snapdragon infected 400 quad-core processor with 1.2 GHz and 1 GB RAM. For photos is a 5 megapixel camera.

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