NEC MultiSync E705 and E805

NEC MultiSync E705 and E805

NEC has announced the sales of monitors MultiSync E705 and E805 with screens measuring 70 and 80 inches, respectively. These devices are intended for corporate customers, and their main area of application is called presentations. In addition, the manufacturer expects the monitors will be needed in schools and as a component informs the system.

A common feature of monitors NEC MultiSync E705 and E805 is a slot OPS (Open Pluggable Specification), creating the potential for capacity building devices. A slot can be enabled PC, TV tuner, receiver webcasting HDBaseT or other expansion card. Other features include the presence of monitors RS-232 port and a network port for remote management.

Monitors have all-metal chassis, embedded temperature sensors and fans, the speed of which depends on the testimony of these sensors. The equipment monitors include 10-watt speakers, inputs HDMI (x2), DisplayPort, DVI and VGA.

Screen resolution E705 and E805 – 1920 x 1080 pixels. E705 model is characterized by a maximum brightness of 450 cd / m² and a contrast ratio of 4000: 1, In the case of E805 values of these parameters are equal to 350 cd / m² and a 5000: 1, respectively. The reaction rate of a pixel pattern does not depend and is 8 ms.

E705 price is approximately equal to $ 3,200, E805 – $ 5600.

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